Cocktail Party

We moved to a new place in October.  Between work and life, and all the holidays…the loft just wasn’t coming together. Unpacking and “nesting” weren’t priorities during this busy time.

One way we forced ourselves to hang some pictures and get rid of some moving boxes was by hosting my family for Christmas dinner. Semi-presentable was good enough for the fam bam! 😉

Hello 2015 (Happy New Year!!!) – we finally put up all of our decor and our home actually feels like a home. Time for a cocktail party with a few close friends! Here are a few pics from the evening.

Flowers 1

Rose sangria
Rose sangria with peaches, pears and raspberries

The spread

Hummus and pita with salted capers, nuts roasted with olive oil and Herbs de Provence

Deviled eggs
Deviled eggs topped with bacon and chives

Cheese platter
Cheese platter with grapes, honeycomb, dried apricots and figs

Mousse de foie gras
Rougie mousse de foie gras on a Himalayan salt block

Melon mozzarella proscuitto skewers
Melon, mozzarella & proscuitto

Antipasti skewers
Antipasti skewers

Flowers 2


Chocolate truffles
Chocolate truffles from Schurra’s

The damage
Our group of 8 consumed the following: pitcher of sangria (made with 2 bottles of rose), 3.5 bottles of red wine, 1 750mL bottle of beer, 1 bottle of bourbon 😉


Some style details from our home

Cheers to a new year in a (somewhat) new home!

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