Foie Gras Brulee

Foie Gras Brûlée – Kauai Grill (Kauai, Hawaii)

Quite a novel presentation of this dish. The decadent creaminess of the foie was enhanced by the sweetness of the caramelized sugar encrusting it.

8 thoughts on “Foie Gras Brulee

      1. LOL! A visit to a JGV resto may be in the cards for you. Likewise…I saw that you went to Kauai last year – it’s a beautiful island, isn’t it? Love the beauty tips too!


      2. Yeah! I extended my 5 day vacation to a month travel adventure. I’m a SF native so I KNEW there was a lot of amazing foodie restaurants I was missing out on while on the island just couldn’t afford it. Also as cheap as island hopping would be I stuck with Kaua’i.

        Thanks for the kind words on the beauty tips. I plan on adding some more in the future 🙂


      3. Oh wow…an entire month! Lucky (and brave) you! I totally understand, coming from the Bay Area, we are definitely spoiled with the vast amount of foodie treats that are so accessible (price and location-wise) here! We were celebrating a special occasion at the grill, but other than that, our fave restaurant in Kauai was Chicken in a Barrel!


      4. I was staying at a hostel that was a block from Chicken in a Barrel stand- didn’t check it out though!

        Trust me- when I made the move from SF – Palm Springs, it was hard for me to accept I couldn’t just walk 3 blocks in any direction at night and find a cute restaurant.


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