Fritto Misto


Fritto Misto – Caruso’s (Sirmione-Lake Garda, Italy)

Imagine biting into perfectly crisped fruit de mer, served with a wedge of lemon and refreshing white wine. Now imagine enjoying all that while sitting on an outdoor deck situated above a beautiful aqua lake, the sun shining warmly on you. Aaaah…yes.





House-made Burrata & Warm Marinated Grape Tomatoes – Trattoria Alessi (Desenzano dela Garda, Italy)

This amazing dish was the highlight of my meal at this quaint restaurant. The thin mozzarella pouch was tied off expertly, enclosing the creamy curds. Needless to say, it was cheese heaven!

Here’s a burrata recipe for you to try out!

Bread Pudding!



White Chocolate Bread Pudding – Bazille (San Jose, California)

It still blows my mind how a restaurant inside Nordstrom can serve up such an amazing dessert.  Looks like their attention to quality/customer service isn’t just reserved for their merchandise.  This bread pudding was everything I needed it to be…soft on the inside, crispy caramelized on the outside.  The creamy decadence of white chocolate and raspberry sauce brought this dish to another level.  I could eat two of these in one sitting.  Shopping is exercise, isn’t it?

You Say Pizza, I say Focaccia



Focaccia Prosciutto e Funghi – Bar Pasticceria alla Bragora (Venice, Italy)

I forgot the difference between a pizza and focaccia while in Italy, but I can’t forget how delicious this dish was.  Look at all that ham and those mushrooms, along with the cheese melted on top.  It’s enough to make you forget your own name.




Cappuccino – Torrefazione Marchi (Venice, Italy)

We discovered this espresso bar while wandering the streets of Venice.  Tiny and nondescript, it was easy to walk by entrance and not know the delights that lay within.  They roast their own beans and there is no seating available – a true espresso bar.  We came back to this one several times during our stay, enjoying our delicious and well-made espresso drinks standing up at the bar…just like the locals!

Little Goat



Bulls Eye French Toast + Brandade & Belly – Little Goat (Chicago)

This lively diner made our hearts bleat faster ;)  The french toast was made with sweet onion brioche and topped with crispy fried chicken, strawberries and BBQ maple syrup.  The other dish was a savory concoction that featured brandade, pork belly, sunnyside up eggs, and kimchi on top of biscuits.  Everything was udderly delicious!